How To Attribute Image on Your Presentation—Properly

Blogpost Ads 13Sometimes and most of the time, when we were designing our presentation, we need an image to support or visualize our ideas. So one of the most common scenario is;

1. We go to,
2. We click images button on the top left or right ,
3. We type the keywords,
4. We pick images we like and copy it,
5. We paste it into our presentation

It’s how most people do it. But it’s actually illegal, because Google have already wrote on every single images we clicked. If you take a closer look, there is one sentence on the bottom left corner, ‘Image may be subject to copyright’

So, how do you attribute images properly? Here’s our suggestion:

  1. Stop searching from Google images, and…
  2. Search using creative commons (,
  3. Choose one of your preference channel (Flickr, Pixabay, Wikimedia Commons, etc.), —We prefer Flickr / Pixabay
  4. Type desired keywords,
  5. Choose your image,
  6. Find its uploader and remember their name,
  7. Copy and paste your image to your presentation,
  8. Add a small text on the left / right corner like this: IMAGE CREDITS: /
  9. DONE!

It might took you a little more time and definitely a longer step. But, it shows that you respect every image available for commercial use—which we could modify, and build upon it for free, by simply attributing the owner of these images.

Not giving the right credits on image usage are actually one of the common presentation mistakes people done time after time after time.

Check these presentation mistakes you might have done, here and here.

Writer: Sugiya Oki

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