What To Look When You’re Searching For A Creative Agency In 2016

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It is less than 14 days to 2016. Right now, we believe you are busy strategizing, planning, alocating budget, and looking for an agency partner to aid and support you in 2016. Through this last post in 2015, allow us to help you make a decision when choosing for a creative agency. We believe there are 12 things to look for:

1          Your creative agency should communicate well in both written and verbal communication. It’s important because you’re going to discuss about a lot of things. We imagine it will be really hard if they can’t figure out what do you need and expect through some conversation.

2          They back up their ideas with research and data. In fact, they study and dig deep into your business, find out about your competitor, and ask people about you. They fill their heads with enough data before taking it to you. Because they know you don’t want to talk to an empty room.

3          They pay attention to small details such as typographical error, colour schemes, types of font, sequence of information, choice of words, and everything related for you to understand the proposed idea.

4          Your creative agency should be able to show you a real sample of their portfolio—especially when it comes to design and its end product. Ask for it. They will proudly show it to you to look at the details and quality.

5          They are good at more than one thing. As Rory Sutherland once said, “The advice I would give to anybody is to be good at two things, not one, know about two things rather than one, and if possible make the two things overlap a bit.”

6          They dare and openly admit when they make mistake. They don’t dwell too long on it and try to blame someone. They figure out the solution as soon as possible.

7          It’s important that your creative agency showed up in a meeting on time. It reflects how they value your time and also their own time.

8          It’s also important that they keep their promise to deliver work on time. You don’t want to embarrass your superiors or your Client, don’t you?

9          They are an avid fan of your product or services. In fact, they are a proud user and always recommend your product or services to other people.

10         They positioned themselves as your partner, armed with a perspective from the outside of your business. They crawl, walk, run, jump, and leap forward with you.

11         It will be a great advantage if your creative agency are willing to go the extra miles and exceed your expectation.

12         Lastly, they should be well-dressed and well-mannered. A fine lady and a gentleman who truly understands about the importance of user experience in everything they do.

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