Our Team

Sugiya Oki
Sugiya is the Founder and CEO of Freespective Consulting. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia. Sugiya started his career in various fields of training and human resource development. By combining his interest in the world of design, on February 1, 2013, he founded Freespective Consulting with focus on presentation design. And since then, he has been known as one of the best presentation consultants in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Along the way, he developed Freespective by adding 2 fields of business; graphic design and video production. Starting from September 2014, along with his two colleagues, he transformed Freespective Consulting into a creative agency for brands who care about user experience in everything they do.

Muhammad Arief
Arief is the Executive Producer at Freespective. Arief started his career since he was attending college in the Faculty of Art and Design Trisakti (majoring in photography) as a photographer and graphic designer for the music industry and photo contributor to Cosmopolitan magazine in 2000. Then after completing his studies, he began to cultivate the field of audio-visual as a motion graphics animator and video editor in 2005 and was steeped in his career in this field. Up until now, he’s been doing a lot to work on projects ranging from music videos, corporate videos, tv programs, tv commercial, 2D & 3D animation. He loved nature and the local culture of Indonesia and for years into the future he aspires to form a motion picture special bank about Indonesian culture and nature.

Indro Adinugroho
Indro is the Research Director at Freespective Consulting. He holds a bachelor degree in Psychology from Atma Jaya Catholic University. After 4 years studied Psychology, Indro worked as a social policy researcher at the Center on Child Protection (CCP) at University of Indonesia. His primary function was to help International Organization, UN agencies, World Bank, Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of National Planning (BAPPENAS) conducting qualitative and quantitative research to support evidence-based policy in Indonesia, where policies are made by empirical data.

Indro is professional in doing quantitative research using numerous methods, such as field survey, social measurement scale, experiment and contrasted group method. Two years working at the Center indeed brought a lot of experiences and networks for Indro. In 2012, he decided to leave the Center and took Master Degree Program in Social Psychology at University of Indonesia (UI) for over two years. He also received grant scholarship from Nippon Foundation, Japan while he was taking his Master Degree. After his life at UI for over 2 years and graduated with cum laude, Indro decided to join Freespective Consulting where he believes the combination between scientific theories and field knowledge could bring marvelous insight for business and industry. Besides acting as Research Director, Indro is also a lecturer and scientist at Faculty of Psychology, Atma Jaya Catholic University.

Yosef Arya Wicaksana
Arya is Talent Acquisition Associate Director of Freespective Consulting. At 2015, he holds a Double Degree (Master and Profession) in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia. Arya started his career as a HR Recruitment and People Development at PT Indomobil Finance Indonesia which responsibilities ranging from talent recruitment, assessment, promotion and also talent development program. Then in 2017, he expanded his HR competency by joined at Djabesmen Company as a Learning Analyst, handle corporate learning (training) management. He also added his competency in talent assessment by being Associate Assessor of GML Consulting and Bravo Sinergi Solusi. Joining Freespective Consulting in 2018, Arya decided to develop his knowledge and skill in area of talent acquisition, making use of his work referrals in the field of banking, financing, telecommunication, HR and Legal consultancy, pharmacy, FMCG, and manufacturing industry.