Our Work

This time we designed KIN Towers 2016 calendar with oil-based painting style illustration. We emphasize its functionality by making the date number big, and add a selected quotes of wisdom to kindly remind everyone about leadership, creativity, and innovation.

We conduct a full day presentation workshop exclusively with LKMM Unika Atma Jaya. More than thirty participant from various faculties came and learn together on how to design a visually compelling presentation.

KIN Towers is an independent tower operator of telecommunication towers in Indonesia. We designed their 2015 calendar by combining simple elements of their logos and high quality photography of their towers.

Unika Atma Jaya ask us to design a brochure like never before. We design a seven column accordion fold brochure.

Argos is a budget hotel located in Brisbane, Australia. The hotel building itself were actually its owner’s old house. It was renovated to accomodate tourist. We designed the logo to represent their roof, which givestheir customer a cozy, yet elegant atmosphere.

Pale Dancer—one of Bali’s traditional alcoholic beverages. It comes with three different kinds of drinks. Each drink is represented by different illustrations of Bali’s mythical creatures.

KIN Towers ask us to design a unique ramadan greeting card, and we come up with an illustration of a KIN employee wearing their batik uniform, while maintaining the usual hand gesture salutation during Ied Mubarak.

Our CEO is giving a presentation talk about user experience in presentation design at thee Astra Honda Motor’s plant—respectively in Sunter, Cikarang, and Pegangsaan.