User Experience Mantra #3 – Result

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Simplicity. Focus.

What’s left? Result.

Our user experience mantra is also based on result. Without any result, you can’t say it works. But, how to get this result? The answer is, you need to go through the phase of trial and error. Starting from a research, you need to test things, even a counter-intuitive things. Because, you might not know what or which one of your idea is working, unless you test it.

Sometimes, result came from incredibly simple things, like a slight change of your copywriting, or adding another object in your illustration, or perhaps simply changing the way an option is presented. These things will reveal themselves through various trial and error process.

Why is this important?
Many people seems to think that all idea should be justified with a certain amount of data and expect a precise calculation of ROI at the end of it. I’m not saying it is totally wrong, but you need to know that humans are irrational creature. And sometimes, we found out about it along the way.

For example, almost 10 years ago, people would not expect a smartphone without buttons. But, Apple built one and you might be using it right now. Another great example is the rebranding of Shreddies, a square-shaped cereals with low sales. Ogilvy did a slight change by relaunching it into a brand new Diamond Shreddies. Sales goes through the roof. It sounds crazy, but it’s real.

So, what’s next?
Aim for result. Analyze the process. Test your idea. Test counter-intuitive things. Think about tweaking small things that might matters. And more importantly, don’t lose your focus on the problem you’re trying to solve and keep the principles of simplicity in your mind.

You’ll be there.


Writer: Sugiya Oki

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